A Role Model

Pastor Segun Banwo

I don’t know where to begin from! Is it in 1998, when you started asking COSIT students who were struggling with Cost Accounting to see me for assistance? Completely unknown to you, while I enjoyed explaining the key concepts to them and seeing them blossom in the subsequent examinations, the financial appreciation and prayers that some of those elderly people gave in return, went a long way to sustain me in the university and to make me the person I am today. 

Or should I talk about how you took interest in me and treated me as your son, carefully monitoring my progress in the school (UNILAG), and providing valuable fatherly advice throughout there, till I graduated in 1991, with a First Class. The joy on your face was unmistakable. You seemed ever happier than me! God bless you Sir!

How can I forget the role you played in writing a very positive and compelling recommendation in support of my application to the Harvard Business School in 1998.  I’m sure your recommendation played a big role in my securing the admission to the MBA program.

Also, that you could find time to attend my 50th birthday anniversary meant so much to me. It has been 30 years since I graduated from UNILAG, yet you have stayed as close as a

Father, always recalling with nostalgia, my time in UNILAG!

Thank you Sir for everything you represent in my life. As you attain the landmark age of 70years and celebrate your retirement from public service ( 44 years in UNILAG) , I join several people across the world to celebrate you and to rejoice with your family. I pray that God Almighty will grant you a long, healthy, peaceful, prosperous and fulfilling retirement, in Jesus name! AMEN 

Pastor Segun Banwo