A Son's Tribute



Where do I begin?

It has been an absolute honour learning from you, first as my father and then as my teacher. Your heart for students is admirable and I appreciate the investments you have made in so many through the years. You are celebrated today and I cherish you so much!

I believe your LEGACY includes:

L - Leadership 

You have had the privilege of embracing various leadership roles within the academic community and beyond. You continue to lead the family that I was born into. And now, in a new and exciting role, you are leading “Three Generations.”

E - Example

I have watched how you have applied yourself to your work and encouraged others to pursue excellence. Further, I believe many witnesses can attest to your stand on integrity. Thank you for living these values and more.

G - Growth

Some of our discussions have focused on spiritual growth. Your commitment to personal growth is refreshing and your questions have been instrumental in the growing process. Only God can tell how much growth will be achieved as you continue to occupy your God-given position in our lineage.

A - Appetite

Your appetite for positive change in Nigeria is clear. It is so clear, your new book about the nation’s untapped benefits of independence is literally visible. In your lifetime, may you witness a better Nigeria than you have ever known.

C - Care

I understand that you left a seemingly attractive bank position to accept an appointment with the University of Lagos. You cared about developing others, even when it appeared to be at a personal financial cost. And over four decades later, you still care.

Y - Youth

You have also paid attention to the rise of the next generation. Your voice for younger people is inspiring. And by God’s grace, we will become exceedingly abundantly beyond all you can ask or imagine!

Congratulations on your milestone birthday and the beginning of a new phase of your life! You may be retired from the University of Lagos but you will continuously be refired by God to fulfil His amazing plan for your life. Dad, your best days are right in front of you!