Baba Liha

Bamitale Tinuola Filatei

Baba Liha, you have served all the duties of being a man! You worked hard and brought great reputation to the family, organisation and community at large. Whatever you have achieved, is a direct result of your hard work, commitment and dedication. You are a man of integrity and honesty. You have impacted so many lives positively.You are a giver to the core. A man full of respect that's who you are.  I salute you Baba.

I remember when I came into your house unannounced, you never bothered about my presence.You are a man of so many people. At a time, we were about 10 family - friends and relatives in your house.  All your life, you have worked hard to feed us! You are the "MASSES indeed. Baba, you are an inspiration to me o, honestly! You would rather be cheated than to cheat people. I will always be very proud of you.

Yes, you may have retired from the work but your good days are going to increase in Jesus name. It is time now for you to enjoy the life to the fullest. hmnn, I wish your wife is here today. But God knows the best. My prayer for you today is for God to give you the grace to cultivate a personal, cordial and deeper relationship with God than before.  A very happy retirement to you and Happy 70th Birthday to you sir. 

Bamitale Tinuola Filatei
"Ana m'obinren" in Baba's voice