Best wishes on your 70th Birthday

Olabunmi & Oluwakemi Sadiq

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My first contact with Professor Eddy Omolehinwa was through my daughter, Mrs Temitope Adeola nee Sadiq. Tope's best friend is Femi Omolehinwa and they had been inseparable since their days at International School. It was therefore not surprising that Tope was adopted by Prof and his amiable wife of blessed memory... adopting students was a passion for them. What was not surprising again was that both Femi and Tope studied Accountancy under the watchful eyes of the Prof and finished with 2:1.

In the course of his oversight functions over my daughter, I got to meet Prof and his late amiable wife and I do believe another adoption ensued, this time of my wife and me as junior siblings.

In my opinion, Prof Eddy (never Edward or Edwin) Omolehinwa never suffers fools lightly and you will always know where you stand with him. I have found my family's relationship with his family very rewarding, beneficial and impactful. On this occasion of his 70th birthday anniversary and very deserved rest from formal academic activities, I wish him the very best of what the future holds for him. I tap on God's grace that made me more comfortable in retirement to make his retirement even better.

Congratulations sir.

Olabunmi & Oluwakemi Sadiq