Dear Dad/ Prof,

Ayodele Enikanoselu

The journey which you started several years(44 years)  ago has come to an end.

You set the highest standard for yourself and others too, showing honour, pride and dignity and allowing us all to see the best in you.

So don’t waste one more minute wishing for things that might have been, rather have eternal joy as you watch the seeds you have planted grow and feel the peace within as you were our CATERPILLAR OF REDEMPTION.

You encouraged everyone who walked through your classrooms and pushed them to excellence sometimes against their own will.

I pray God keep you safe and well, wherever you may turn, surrounded by your loved ones living out the dreams you have earned.

And in the quiet of your heart may you hear God softly say “My good and faithful servant, I’m so proud of you this day”.

Happy Birthday Sir and enjoy your retirement as Time Dey International.

Kind Regards

Ayodele Enikanoselu
Your Son /Student