Eddy for the Masses

Professor Tolu Odukoya & Family

Professor Eddy O. Omolehinwa turns 70 years old on 20th April 2021, and retires same day from service of University of Lagos after 44 years of meritorious service.

Eddy, as he was fondly called by his admirers, was an excellent teacher who believed in using peculiar examples to drive home his point during lectures. This endeared him to his students. Among his circle of friends at both the University of Lagos and Kings College Lagos Old Boys Association he was nicknamed, "Eddy for the masses" and you would hear him responding that "I am only for the redeemable masses".

Eddy was so passionate and deeply in love with his accountancy profession that he successfully mentored all his 4 children to study B.Sc degree in Accounting at the University of Lagos, and one of them, Gbenga, graduated with a First Class.

At various times, Eddy successfully served as Head of his department, Dean of his Faculty and Senate Representative in the council of the University of Lagos.

As a member of Senate of the University of Lagos, Eddy made useful contributions at meetings where his opinion was always well respected.

Modupe Omolehinwa who is Professor Eddy Omolehinwa's first grandchild also happened to be my first grandchild, who I sincerely cherish.

Prof Eddy Omolehinwa is a truly family man. Unfortunately he lost his darling wife Mrs Femi Omolehinwa, some two years ago but one can still perceive the grieve around him. May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Amen

Finally, Eddy is a trusted friend who remained loyal to his friends even after their death.

Eddy you truly deserve to be celebrated.

Congratulations on your 70th Birthday. I also wish you a happy and restful retirement

Professor Tolu Odukoya & Family