From a grateful heart

Ayileka Olaitan (nee Dawodu)

I'm so grateful to God I'm privileged to share my own side of the success story of how  Prof Eddy Omolehinwa was of immense help to my academic career at the prestigious University of Lagos Akoka.

I remember how he used to encourage me on my Cost & Management Accounting.

In class that time, he would reward marks for answering questions correctly. At other times,he would give cash reward.

His aim was to see us excel academically.

He would show me my mistakes and advise how to avoid such mistakes.

Then something critical he did personally for me which I won't take for granted,my reason for calling him my angel of help, hmmm....

I graduated without having to spend extra semester or year.

He made himself available for God's use.

I pray for you Sir,all your children and children's children will never lack help in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,AMEN!!!

I join others today to celebrate you and say a massive thank you for being truly the caterpillar of redemption!

Ajepe aye Baba!

Long live Prof. Eddy Omolehinwa!

Ayileka Olaitan (nee Dawodu)
Class of 1999/2003