To an Activist

Mustapha Omotayo

People all over the World have alluded to activism as a persistent fight against political oppression and subjugation of the people. I tend to share this view. However, activism without a doubt outspreads the realm of a determined fight for political liberty, but also expands into the space of academic freedom and cognitive liberation. 

Professor Eddy Omolehinwa is undoubtedly an Activist whose radical disposition contributed immensely to the disentanglement of the shackles of academic enslavement perpetrated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria( ICAN) as was then constituted. He fought concertedly alongside few others of like minds and established a rival Accounting body; the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN). This body liberated several Nigerians by giving them the platform for the realisation of their ambition in the Accounting profession. So when you hear people refer to Professor Omolehinwa as ‘Father of the Masses’; it is strongly connected to his fight against academic domination, oppression and suppression. 

Personally, Professor Eddy Omolehinwa contributed to the journey of my life in no small measure. I gained admission into the University of Lagos through his magnanimous disposition when he was the Sub Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration. He at different times guided me as I meandered through the murky waters of Students Unionism during my undergraduate years. I owe him a great deal of gratitude! He is indeed appropriately described as "For the Masses Baba"

Baba, you have fought a good fight, go home and eat plentifully the yields of your labour. 

God bless you, sir.

Mustapha Omotayo