Bakare Ummukulthoum

Uncle Eddy wears many hats. To me, he is close family. I may not be one of the numerous accountants in the family but we have our unique connection.  My Aunty Femi of blessed memory (I miss her so much!) was always encouraging us to visit, spend time, and integrate during holidays. There was an open door policy of some sort in the Omolehinwa household largely enabled by the dynamic of Uncle Eddy and his family.

Uncle Eddy as he is fondly called always lights up a room. He is jovial and funny as well as an astute educator all in one. His books are full of comical examples and I remember when he was preparing for his inaugural lecture and it was aptly titled “Accounting for other People’s money”. Uncle Eddy will make an accountant out of you no matter which profession you belong to. I have been fortunate to have had a close relationship with him as a niece and as a football fan. He is a Manchester United fan and I am Arsenal. We have endless banter about these teams and there was a time I used to go and watch the game with him when both teams are playing and United often does not win on those days!

He has raised and mentored so many accounting professionals and off the field. He is very passionate about education. His ikale heritage is also very important to him part of which his post-retirement plans is to develop an app to teach the language. Part of those plans also include taking over at Manchester United to help the former heavyweight return to past glory. Uncle, please don’t forget that I am a sports physio and I can help you on that laudable quest! It is always great company to sit that down with and discuss an array of social interest topics.  Uncle Eddy, I wish you all the best as you retire from active service even though personally I think you are still going to be actively serving in one capacity or another as an Emeritus Professor. Wishing you long life and prosperity as your turn 70. May the good Lord continue to bless you and replenish you with the abundance of His Grace.  Wishing you good health and a sound mind as you move on to the next chapter. Amen

Eddy for the redeemable masses! Hip Hip Hip Hoorah!

Bakare Ummukulthoum aka KT
(Mrs Olawunmi Bakare’s daughter and Pa Aaron Lijofi’s Granddaughter)