Solabomi Ajibolade

Professor Eddy Omolehinwa, fondly called “Eddy for the masses” is a lot of things to many people. His genuineness in caring for the welfare of others, especially those junior to him has more than earned him this sobriquet. To me, he is many things rolled in one. He is first my teacher, right from my undergraduate days to my graduation from the PhD. Programme in the Department of Accounting, University of Lagos and even till date, I still continue to learn from him. Learning from him comes so naturally because he brings humour into his classes. He has also been my mentor and my confidant since I joined the Department as a young lecturer over two decades ago. His leadership of the Department during the period has been inspirational and I have learnt valuable lessons from him. I also enjoy a good personal relationship with him, being my cousin-in-law; he fondly calls me “Iyawo” and treats me as such anytime the situation allows. Prof Omolehinwa is a compassionate, kind and very generous person. My most recent experience was his generosity towards me even without prompting, during the difficult period of the federal government withholding our salaries for many months, which deeply touched me.  So how can I begin to write a farewell message on his departure from the University and Department which for me comes with mixed feelings, kind of sweet and bitter feelings? Sweet in the sense that having successfully served out 44 years in the University, played his part, impacted so many lives including mine positively, he is exiting in good health of mind and body, leaving behind good legacies of principled professionalism, practiced with human consideration. He sure deserves the rest that retirement offers. Yet hidden behind the sweetness is a feeling of great anxiety over the possibility of a vacuum he might be leaving behind. Professor Eddy has indeed made a lasting impression on my life for which I am grateful. So sending him forth is a chore that I would have preferred not to carry out. However, since “the only constant thing in life is change” – Heraclitus, I can only pray that as he moves forward, the Lord will grant him the best of everything in life and a very enjoyable, peaceful and long period in retirement. Happy birthday and 70 hearty cheers to an achiever, an inspirational and compassionate leader, our own dear “Eddy for the masses”

Solabomi Ajibolade PhD., FCA,FCTI,CFAN, FCFIP,FIMLS
Associate Professor
Department of Accounting,