You Deserve to be Honoured

Regards From J B Akeju.

You deserve to be honoured.  You have invested in humanity, hence the law of natural justice is bent to reward you handsomely!

You mean so much to some of us who daily give gratitude to Almighty God for making us to be associated with you our  "generalisimo".

You belong to the group the  Ancient  Greeks  called the "citizens" because you do things the right way.  You respect traffic lights rules even if no one is watching you. You drive within speed limits.  You respect the law and you will  never cheat. In Public office you did not steal.  You are compassionate  and give to others to promote their well beings. You are always  promoting  projects that will benefit everyone. 

For all the above and more not stated in this write up, you Professor Eddy Omolehinwa is worthy to be  celebrated.  CONGRATULATIONS sir. God will bless you with good  health and long life in the mighty name of Jesus. 

Regards  From  J B Akeju.