Your children are everywhere!

Muritala Oyekola

Sir, you did everything you could to help your students shine. You are passionate and caring lecturer. 

I could remember the day I came to see you in Unilag after a long while, to seek for counsel when I had not find my foots in life, you asked me if I wanted Nal bank that you would give me letter to the then Managing Director of the bank (Mr. Ben Akabueze who happen to be one of the Alumnus.

Your students are everywhere in the world doing extremely well in the field of accounting, finance, taxation, management, entrepreneurs and politics.

Thank you for your endless patience, persistence and motivation. You molded us to become what we are today.

Once again, I thank you on behalf of everyone that passed through your ACC 210, 220, 310, 320, & 420 for enriching our knowledge and your guidance throughout our university days.

Muritala Oyekola
960201154 1996/1997 - 1999/2000.